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Quick Printing Lists

Have you ever seen a table of information in Fusion and wished you could just print it as is? In the past customers have resorted to using “print screen” from the operating system or other applications to take a picture and then print that. Fusion 2.8 introduces a new feature that should forever relegate “print screen” to the past.

Fusion List Types

Before explaining the feature further, it is important to understand that there are two different kinds of list views in Fusion. The main type, which is used in most of the major list windows (Animal list, Pen List, Loads list, etc.), already has the ability for printing through the Advanced Print function. The new feature does not work with this kind of list. The other kind of list shows up in many windows within Fusion and the feature will work with every one.

Invoking Quick Printing

To print a list, right-click anywhere in the list’s header area. It doesn’t matter which column header you click in. A menu will appear with several options:

  • Print List. Prints the list exactly as it is seen. You change the column order or size of the list before printing. Only as many columns as can fit on the page will be printed.
  • Copy List to Clipboard. Copies the list to the system clipboard. It can then be pasted into a spreadsheet or other application.
  • Save List as a CSV File. Saves the list as a comma separated file. The file can then be opened by a spreadsheet or other application.
  • Save List as a Tab Delimited File. Saves the list as a tab delimited file. The file can then be opened by a spreadsheet or other application.

As an example, open the Lot’s Pen List window and right-click in the list header to print the list. Another common usage would be quick printing the detail areas in the Lot Center window.

We hope that this feature will make you more productive when you want to quickly get something printed without taking the time to set up a report.