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Fusion Resource Guide

We would like to introduce you to the Fusion Resource Guide. This document serves two situations:

  • For those who are preparing to use Fusion for the first time, you will learn what equipment you need and how it can be organized and set up. You will also learn how to install Fusion and set your server up. Finally, it will guide you through the process of entering the necessary information in preparation for transition day.
  • If you are already using Fusion, this guide contains information to trouble-shoot and fix common hardware and setup issues.

For the latter group, let me tell you about a few of the things the Guide contains.

Have you ever received an error when trying to sync a spare truck or one that has been in for repairs? The Truck Syncing section explains how to deal with this. It also explains how to move your truck to a different location and what to do if you are lending your truck to a neighbor with Fusion.

If you have had trouble installing or upgrading Fusion you will appreciate the two sections on Fusion Installer and Upgrading Fusion which contain step-by-step instructions for dealing with every install/upgrade situation you might encounter.

Do you have a new person taking care of your computers and network? Several sections will teach him about Fusion’s requirements in this area. Or perhaps you are purchasing a new computer and you need to know the system requirements? This information is also in the Guide.

There is a lot more as well.

So how can you use this document? We don’t recommend trying to memorize it or even sitting down by the fire and using it for some light evening reading—it is rather dense for that! It is simply a resource, so we recommend that someone in your organization be given the responsibility to simply become acquainted with it enough so that they will remember to look to the Resource Guide when problems are encountered. We also recommend printing out a copy that can be left at each location.

If you have someone who looks after your hardware, your network, or who is helping install or setting up some piece of equipment related to Fusion, please let them know about the Resource Guide as well as it will answer questions they have.

You can always find the latest version of the Resource Guide in the Documentation section of our website. We hope it will be helpful to you.


Welcome to our new blog. We plan to use this space to explain new features in depth and to remind you of existing features you may not be using in Fusion. We’ll also tell you when new upgrades are released and anything else that is going on with Fusion.

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